Absolute Beginners

One size does not fit all. We are referring to settings across various ovens. Here are poached eggs cooked in 3 luxury ovens. Steamed at 75c for 17 minutes. The results came up different. We aim for the perfectly poached egg on the right. The take is, use settings as a guide. Experiment in your … Read more

Ever wondered what to do with left over salmon from yesterday? Crsipy Salmon Potato Cutlet is an easy fix for brunch or lunch. Serve with a side salad & buttered rice. Ingredients 1 cup Salmon (gently break apart cooked salmon – from fresh, steam @80c for 10 mins) 1 cup Grated Potatoes 1 small onion … Read more

Quick & Easy, every kid’s favourite. Ingredients Macaroni Water or Broth (veggie/chicken) Pinch of salt ________ 1/2 cup Shredded Mozzarella 2 tbsp Parmesan 1 tbsp butter 1/8 cup milk (optional – for extra creamy texture) Optional Ham or Bacon bits (cut up bacon and crisp using frying pan/microwave 1 min (wrapped in paper towel) or … Read more

Who doesn’t love fresh, piping hot, crusty bread? And, a quick, no-knead recipe? YAY, MIXER NOT NECESSARY! Ensure dry ingredients are mixed thoroughly before adding water. Although a mixer is not required, I prefer to use the mixer to bring the ingredients together (do not knead). INGREDIENTS 3.5 cups flour 1.5 cups water (room temperature … Read more

Very simply, fluffy. Ingredients Potatoes – whole, skin on, washed Method Spread potatoes on a baking tray Select BakeOmatic Baked Potatoes, Medium brown When ready, make a slit across the top of the potato and squeeze potato from below Voila. Witnessed how ‘fluffy’ looks like.. Notes – sure, season if you like. Coat skin with … Read more

Toasties in a hurry? Absolutely, in 5 minutes. Ingredients Prawns peeled, tail on 1/2 Lemon zested + juice, minced garlic, olive oil & pepper ————- Sour dough baguette or Turkish bread (oh yes!) Olive oil (optional) ———— Ingredients – spread Aioli Chives (finely chopped) 1/2 lemon, juiced salt pepper ———- Plus optional, Rocket, chilli flakes … Read more

Really. In a combisteamer of course. So, to feed 4.. Ingredients Chicken breasts  2 large (halved horizontally 0r 4 small breasts) Oregano, salt & pepper Bacon, thick sliced, streaky, 4 Eggs 4 Sour dough or Turkish bread, 1 loaf _____ Spread (Mayo & mustard or Basil/tomato pesto) Lettuce, spinach, assorted greens Tomatoes, 2 large, sliced … Read more

A quick and easy way to groom a cake, muffin or pastry is to simply drizzle melted chocolate over. Melting chocolate is super easy! Ingredient Dark Chocolate or white zip lock bag Method Break up chocolate. Lay chocolate pieces flat. No overlapping. Place plastic zip lock bag onto a tray. Steam 50c for 5 mins … Read more

Ever needed Chic peas to add to your salad? And wondered why on earth would you go through the trouble of  prepping from scratch when you can easily pop open a can? Fresh crunch, of course! Ingredients Dried chic peas salt Method Soak chic peas overnight (use a large bowl/dish and ensure there’s at least … Read more

Cute, mini jacket potatoes. A MUST addition to finger foods. Effortless, almost. INGREDIENTS 16 mini potatoes (get red, purple potatoes too!) 1 tablespoon Olive oil (optional) salt _____ 2 rashers thick sliced streaky bacon _____ Filling (combine) 1/2 cup sour cream 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese 1/4 bunch fresh chives (finely diced) Leave some for topping … Read more