Absolute Beginners

Who knew dehydrated oranges taste as good as they look? And more, they are healthy and making them is as easy as slice and dry! Save them in jars and have them as snacks (think: the forever hungry kids) or use them as cake toppers! Ingredients Oranges, better still, blood oranges (I know, they are … Read more

Need a quick snack to impress your visitor? How about a fruit tart made with fresh fruits and a splash of maple syrup? Quick, pretty and of course, super easy and Aw rooty! Ingredients Puff pastry Fresh fruits sliced thin (fruits of the season – peaches, plum, nectarines, mangoes, strawberries, etc) Maple syrup Demerara sugar … Read more

If you have never made onion salt, you would be in for a sweet surprise. For one, onions cost very little. Second, it is soooo easy. Most importantly, the flavour of home made onion flakes will blow you away! While you can stop at making onion flakes to flavour your dishes, making onion salt will … Read more

NOT anywhere close to melting dark or milk chocolate! Wish I did my research before melting my first white chocolate! These seem trivial, but let me tell you otherwise! RULE 1. White chocolate scorches at 44c RULE 2: On Induction cook top, melt white chocolate on level 1, max, for about 8 mins. Stir. RULE … Read more

A most exciting and easy recipe to do with the kids. From shopping for the ingredients and deciding what to include, and of course, we are talking about candy and chocolate, to ‘cooking’ which calls only for melting the chocolate! Here are some suggestions on what could go in but, be creative! Throw everything in … Read more

Any which way you do this, the pork will turn out tender and juicy in the combisteamer. Ingredients Pork loin salt Method Rub pork with salt* Insert a temperature probe into the thickest part of the meat, and plug the other end into the oven Select Gourmet Guide (chef hat), soft roasting, pork loin, seared, … Read more

Tender, crisp, unlimited (well, almost) bacon in the oven. No messy frying pan and oil splatters on the cook-top aftermath. Ingredients Streaky bacon Method Lay bacon, no overlaps, on a lined baking tray Bake in pre-heated oven, on hot air steam 230c or convection, full steam, for about 15 mins. Need lots? Multiple grilling absolutely … Read more

Ever read the ingredient list on your soy or (almond) milk pack? Surprisingly, the content of soy is negligible. Here is how you can easily whip up your home made soy milk. All you need is your combi steamer and a good blender, and of course, soy beans. Ingredients 1 cup soy beans 3 cups … Read more

Having a combi steamer means less clutter. You won’t need a rice cooker, for one. Imagine being able to cook 4 types of flavoured rice all in one go! More importantly, you get perfect results every time! Let’s begin with pretty, flavourful Tumeric rice. Goes great with Asian curry and rendang recipes. Ingredients 1 cup … Read more

The hardest part of using a combisteam oven without sensors, is determining the volume of steam in each recipe. Steam, as we know it, is wet. Some call it ‘pure’ steam. We use steam in the combisteam oven in place of boiling on the stove. So, when we boil eggs on the stove, we steam … Read more