Rocky Road Crunch

A most exciting and easy recipe to do with the kids. From shopping for the ingredients and deciding what to include, and of course, we are talking about candy and chocolate, to ‘cooking’ which calls only for melting the chocolate!

Here are some suggestions on what could go in but, be creative! Throw everything in except the kitchen sink!


3 x 200g dark chocolate

3 X 200g milk chocolate

200g Turkish delight (pretty red rose flavoured)

2 cups Marshmallows (bright colors)

1 pack 150g Dutch Speculaas cookies (or any crunchy cookies)

1/2 cup Rice krispies/bubbles

3/4 cups each of roasted almonds, pistachios and dried cranberries


  1. Break cookies (run over with rolling pin) into small bits. Discard crumbs
  2. Cut up marshmallows and Turkish delight
  3. Prepare 2 lined baking pans
  4. Break up the chocolate onto a lined baking pan or 2 pans
  5. Melt chocolate on steam 50c for 10 mins (minimum steam, convection 50c)
  6. Remove tray, add all ingredients immediately, mix well (hands on with gloves!)
  7. Transfer onto a clean lined baking pan and allow to cool and solidify
  8. Cut up and gift wrap!
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