Comparing oven settings : Poached Eggs Challenge

One size does not fit all!

One size does not fit all. We are referring to settings across various ovens.

Here are poached eggs cooked in 3 luxury ovens. Steamed at 75c for 17 minutes. The results came up different. We aim for the perfectly poached egg on the right.

The take is, use settings as a guide. Experiment in your oven and keep your favourite setting, tailored to your oven.

Ovens are built using different technologies. Size of ovens matter too. Bigger ovens don’t always mean better. For one, it takes longer to preheat. Also, how often do you cook in bulk? You do? Then, get two medium size ovens. This way, you also get to cook two different recipes at the same time.

The ovens we used in the above experiment covered a few parameters. One was larger and took a whole 15 minutes to preheat. The other preheated until the temperature hit 75c, BEFORE it started steaming. And the pretty egg above started steaming the minute the oven’s start button was hit.

There you go. Different strokes for different yolks. 😉