Authentic Turmeric rice

Having a combi steamer means less clutter. You won’t need a rice cooker, for one. Imagine being able to cook 4 types of flavoured rice all in one go! More importantly, you get perfect results every time!

Let’s begin with pretty, flavourful Tumeric rice. Goes great with Asian curry and rendang recipes.


1 cup rice (Basmati rice is perfect. Other types are good too but may appear stickier)

1 cup water*

1 tsp Tumeric powder

1/2 tsp salt


lemon grass/ginger and other herbs

1 tsp butter/ghee (added after steaming)


Use a casserole dish and steam everything at 100c for 30 mins

*1:1 ratio of rice to water applies to white rice. When using brown or other types of rice, multiply formula by 1.5. Therefore, use 1: 1.5 ratio of rice to water and increase steaming time to 45 mins.

Tumeric rice with beef rendang and pickled vegetables

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