One size does not fit all. We are referring to settings across various ovens. Here are poached eggs cooked in 3 luxury ovens. Steamed at 75c for 17 minutes. The results came up different. We aim for the perfectly poached egg on the right. The take is, use settings as a guide. Experiment in your … Read more

Ovens looking like this all the time? Sure can! Even if you were to use it for breakfast, lunch & dinner, 365 days, like I do. 8 years into combisteaming, and it sparkles still, ( if I choose to LoL).  OK, zoom in and traces of scratches are visible. This is typical of an impatient … Read more

Sharing Susan’s question: Is there a guide/chart suggesting how long it takes?…… to dry Rosemary as an example? The #combisteam oven is great at doing this. Choose Hot Air function and start at 50c. Duration depends on what you’re dehydrating. Lemon rind, parsley, and thin pieces take about 2 hours. If they feel dry and … Read more

Sharing excerpts of Susan’s question: (start from the bottom) Reply 2 To dehydrate, use hot air program and ‘bake’ as usual. Door closed. I dehydrate lemon &, lime rind and julliene chilies to make flavored salt. On hot air, 50c for 2 hours or more. Door closed. ‘Hot air’ function opens up the climate control … Read more

    I love gadgets. But not all tools proof their worth in my kitchen. Here is the list that made it. 1. Vitamix. A REAL blender. Nothing in between 2. Kitchenaid mixer. Every chef has one. Unless they are sponsored 😉 3. Wooden cutting board. Not as pretty as bamboo, but cuts more comfortably … Read more