Asian Cuisine

Spiced Tandoori Lamb meat ball dinner

Talk about ease and versatility of minced meats grilled in the combisteamer !  Here is an easy, spiced Tandoori lamb meat ball recipe. Ingredients Meat ball : 500g lamb mince 3 tbsps tandoori paste (any brand but special mention, Sharwood from Coles) 3 tbsps almond meal (or panko crumbs/bread crumbs/oatmeal) 1/4 bunch coriander  (stalks & … Read more

Cassava/Tapioca Cake

A popular, traditional Asian dessert known as Cassava Cake, Tapioca cake, ,Bingka Ubi Kayu, ‘Banh Khoai’ etc depending on where you met your acquaintance. Made from the cassava root, same origin as your potatoes (underground 😉  Here is the simplest* recipe ever, made for your combisteamer.  You’ld be surprise at the sweet aroma while baking, coming … Read more

Authentic Chinese dumplings

SWIM NEMO, SWIM ! So, how about some real Chinese dumplings? The ingredient list is rather long but you’ll get the taste of ‘authentic’. Short cuts are available on this site (search ‘Asian dumplings’) Ingredients 1 pack dumpling wrappers (or make your own : ————— 250g regular minced pork 6 prawns, raw & diced … Read more

Chicken Karaage with Japanese style mashed potatoes dinner

Go Japanese tonight! Without the oils and frying pan 🙂 Ingredients Chicken Karaage (fried chicken) – Remember, marinate overnight! 2 pcs Chicken Maryland* (remove bone) 1 tsp each of Sake (or rice wine vinegar), Mirin, soy sauce pinch of pepper 1/4 cup corn starch Optional 1/4 tsp baking soda ————– Mash potatoes 5 peeled potatoes … Read more

Bright Red Chilli Flakes

  Nothing beats fresh, bright colored home made spices. Especially when it takes so little effort.. Imagine making chilli flakes from the many varieties of chillies available from your own backyard..from Jalapeno to Spider chilli, to Hot Habanero.. Ingredient Fresh red chillies 1 Kg Method  Julienne / slice the chillies into skinny strips (wear disposable … Read more

Asian Creamy Sweet Potato Coconut dessert aka Bubur Cha Cha

Ask any South East Asian about dessert and  “Bubur Cha-Cha’ comes up with a warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia. Many versions exist. Here is a basic recipe, easily done in the combisteam oven. You can’t possibly go wrong, No Way Jose.. Ingredients Sweet potato varieties (bright orange, purple, white..) Cassava root 2 small packets (200 … Read more