Braised Pork Belly with Crackling.

Braised pork belly with crackling.
Many ways of cooking this but the easiest would be first, to #combisteam BakeOmatic Braise, (slow cook) choose well brown.
Next, Hot Air Steam 230c for 20-30.

Season pork belly (choose thinner skinned, good quality belly) with your choice of seasoning. I went Japanese, with Mirin (sweet Japanese sauce), light soy sauce, Sake (Japanese wine) and 2 tablespoons sugar. With skin side up, add broth to cover meat, leaving skin dry.
After braising, remove pork belly, place on baking tray with skin side up, set oven to hot air steam, to complete the crackling process. Reduce sauce over stove… Lovely 😘..


Score along cut lines. Use a sharp blade to score where you intend to slice the pork later, for serving. This way, the knife doesn’t need to break through the crispy crackling.