Dehydrating herbs

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Is there a guide/chart suggesting how long it takes?…… to dry Rosemary as an example?

The #combisteam oven is great at doing this. Choose Hot Air function and start at 50c. Duration depends on what you’re dehydrating. Lemon rind, parsley, and thin pieces take about 2 hours. If they feel dry and crispy, they are ready. If not, extend another 30 mins. Julienne chillies, Rosemary and high moisture content type veggies take longer. Sometimes up to 6 hours or more. Have fun doing this. I like to do this at night and wake up to refreshing scents ..

Blend dehydrated herbs with rock salt to make flavored salt. Imagine using home grown, organic produce from your very own backyard (or, make sure you have friends who have this;). Store them in small, air tight containers and give them away in sets (of colorful varieties of lime green, lemon yellow, chilli red & beetroot purple for XMas ! And guess what, as salt is a common form of preservative, flavored salt has NO expiry date. Yay!


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