Cleaning inside your combi steam oven

Ovens looking like this all the time? Sure can! Even if you were to use it for breakfast, lunch & dinner, 365 days, like I do. 8 years into combisteaming, and it sparkles still, ( if I choose to LoL).  OK, zoom in and traces of scratches are visible. This is typical of an impatient commercial baker/cook. Hands off  stainless steel/metal scouring pad, people!

Try the environment friendly method first.

Method 1: Steam cleaning

  • Steam  70c for half an hour,
  • let cool and wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Rinse cloth and wipe again.
  • Stains generally come off.
  • If you have some stubborn stains left behind, repeat.

Method 2: oven cleaner

  • steam 70c for 15 mins
  • let cool and wipe with a damp cloth
  • apply oven cleaner, steam 70c for 30 mins.
  • wipe cleaner off (use rags and discard)
  • steam 70c for 30 mins (more stains will come off)
  • wipe again, to remove traces of cleaner

I use method 2, usually. While most oven cleaners work, I like Australian made, Selleys gel oven cleaner. Comes attached with a silicone brush, and gel sticks to walls well.

I hear eco friendly methods being used, like baking soda and vinegar. If it works for you, well done. To each his own 😉

THE ‘BEFORE’. Point is, it is absolutely ok to mess up the oven 😉

Mine looks like this most times.. LoL