Dehydrating fresh herbs

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To dehydrate, use hot air program and ‘bake’ as usual. Door closed.

I dehydrate lemon &, lime rind and julliene chilies to make flavored salt. On hot air, 50c for 2 hours or more. Door closed.

‘Hot air’ function opens up the climate control valve in the ceiling of the oven. Air ventilates, and moisture is released.
‘Hot air humid’ closes the valve and traps moisture coming from your food. Keeps the environment moist so your cakes rise more evenly and roasts are tender and juicy.

If I do them in the oven……do I need to leave the door open, with a wooden spoon, as it says on Page 17 of the Combi-steam cooker, Tips on Settings booklet…?
OR, what is your recommendation……..OR is there another user instruction online that is more current or detailed.
I do get quite confused as to how to do things in my oven at times…………Very glad that I have the website to ask questions. I also use the Steam Queen site too.

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Personally, I prefer to dehydrate my herbs, fruits, veggies in the oven because the ‘hot air’ function was made specially to do this. The valve in the oven opens up to allow moisture to escape, thereby speeding up the drying process. Also, the 4 levels allow you to spread out the herbs and dehydrate a lot more quantity.

I have a Vzug warming drawer (love it!!) Can I dry my fresh herbs in the drawer? I recall discussing it with someone when we purchased our Vzug appliances.