Top 10 Kitchen tools, after the combi steam oven



I love gadgets. But not all tools proof their worth in my kitchen. Here is the list that made it.

1. Vitamix. A REAL blender. Nothing in between

2. Kitchenaid mixer. Every chef has one. Unless they are sponsored 😉

3. Wooden cutting board. Not as pretty as bamboo, but cuts more comfortably than plastic. Don't forget anti bacteria tanine

4. Microplane fine grater/zester & coarse box grater. Because even the best chef cuts their fingers on bad graters

5. Silicone spatula. Because every drop counts

6. Santoku knife. Because a chef knife is too scary sharp on the tip

7. IKEA Garlic Press. Because you can peel & mince at the same time 🙂

8. Victorinox Peeler. To peel everything safely. And, because it is Swiss, it works.

9. Julienne peeler. Because it is quick and easy, in 1 step

10. Bristle brush. Because a silicone brush does not hold anything.