Dried Orange Slices

Who knew dehydrated oranges taste as good as they look? And more, they are healthy and making them is as easy as slice and dry! Save them in jars and have them as snacks (think: the forever hungry kids) or use them as cake toppers!


  • Oranges, better still, blood oranges (I know, they are seasonal)
  • That’s it!


  • Sharpen your knife (mandolin won’t work as well)
  • Slice thin
  • Place on baking pan, grill racks or better still, dehydrating pans (pans with grid, see photo)
  • Dry on hot air, convection 60c for about 8 hours. Check for doneness and extend if necessary.

Extra notes

Don’t over dry them to keep rind chewy. Avoid higher heat or they will lose their color. Got warming drawer? Use them as well.

I hope you have as much fun as I had. I am making repeat batches, would you believe?

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