So you have heard, seen and even taken the plunge to join the Combisteam revolution.

Now let's start cooking...

Cook with Confidence

Cooking in a combisteam oven made so easy it becomes second nature. Basic combisteam 101 guide for everyday cooking allows you to recreate the authentic taste of food in any cuisine, comfortably and confidently.




Thanks for having me in your kitchen, guiding you, one step at a time.

Creating amazing, meals, very simply, using basic ingredients and serving nutritious food that is cooked to perfection.


At Home Cooking

Noted. We live busy lives. That doesn't mean you can't have delicious, home cooked meals. The Combisteam cooking guide will give you the inspiration to START (yes I said the word) the oven. Shows you how you can cook without being at home. Uh huh..


Our Latest Recipes

Spiced Tandoori Lamb meat ball dinner

Talk about ease and versatility of minced meats grilled in the combisteamer !  Here is an easy, spiced Tandoori lamb meat ball recipe. Ingredients Meat ball : 500g lamb mince 3 tbsps tandoori paste (any brand but special mention, Sharwood from Coles) 3 tbsps almond meal (or panko crumbs/bread crumbs/oatmeal) 1/4 bunch coriander  (stalks & … Read more

Creamy coconut Jam aka Kaya

Here is an easy recipe for now. I am in the midst of adapting the recipe for a combisteamer so stay tuned. In the meantime, this is a stove top recipe. Excellent on swiss rolls, or toast (butter first then coconut jam..yumm). Main Ingredients 5 eggs 1 1/2 cup sugar Coconut cream (open a can … Read more

Oil free Swiss Roll/roulade

Swiss roll or Jelly roll or a member of the roulade family, has nothing to do with the Swiss per se. Apparently the term ‘Swiss roll’ originated from central Europe in the 19th century. Interesting. The texture of this roll is interesting too. Oil free, so it would taste a little different from your standard … Read more

Antipasto Crazy Bread

Crazy because every loaf is a surprise, versatile as it takes on any ingredient and just simply, loads of fun! Antipasto braid is a starter to a meal. So go ahead and adapt the recipe with what you have in the fridge. Ingredient Bread 4 cups flour 1.5 cups water (room temperature) 1 tbsp caster … Read more

Classic Baked Potatoes

Very simply, fluffy. Ingredients Potatoes – whole, skin on, washed Method Spread potatoes on a baking tray Select BakeOmatic Baked Potatoes, Medium brown When ready, make a slit across the top of the potato and squeeze potato from below Voila. Witnessed how ‘fluffy’ looks like.. Notes – sure, season if you like. Coat skin with … Read more

Cassava/Tapioca Cake

A popular, traditional Asian dessert known as Cassava Cake, Tapioca cake, ,Bingka Ubi Kayu, ‘Banh Khoai’ etc depending on where you met your acquaintance. Made from the cassava root, same origin as your potatoes (underground 😉  Here is the simplest* recipe ever, made for your combisteamer.  You’ld be surprise at the sweet aroma while baking, coming … Read more

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