World’s Easiest Club Sandwich

Really. In a combisteamer of course. So, to feed 4..


Chicken breasts  2 large (halved horizontally 0r 4 small breasts)

Oregano, salt & pepper

Bacon, thick sliced, streaky, 4

Eggs 4

Sour dough or Turkish bread, 1 loaf


Spread (Mayo & mustard or Basil/tomato pesto)

Lettuce, spinach, assorted greens

Tomatoes, 2 large, sliced

Salt & pepper

Sandwich picks



  1. Coat chicken with oregano, salt & pepper
  2. Lay chicken onto lined tray with bacon
  3. Grill in a preheated oven on Hot Air Steam (convection, full steam) 230c for 10 minutes. KEEP OVEN GOING
  4. Remove tray from the oven, and insert another lined tray* into the oven to preheat
  5. Place bread slices onto another lined tray
  6. Remove hot tray (#4) from the oven, place on an even, insulated surface and crack 4 eggs carefully. Eggs will spread and stay (or use egg rings)
  7. Place both trays (#5 & #6) into the hot oven for 4 minutes
  8. Remove tray and build sandwich
  9. Insert 4 sandwich picks at each corners before slicing

If #6 prove challenging, pan fry eggs on cook top. But remember, practise makes perfect 🙂

*A large muffin pan or ramekins can be used instead. Add 2 extra minutes to cooking time.

Cheese? sure!

The best part is, you can feed a crowd using the same timing convenient is that? ‘Crowd’ as in, 8 or as many trays as the oven can take..