Sweet potato chips/wedges

Got sweet potatoes? Make super easy, crunchy chips on automatic bake! Crunchy on the outside and delicious fluff on the inside..


Sweet potatoes – varieties, cut into chips or wedges

3 tablespoons cooking oil – any oils. Preferably canola, sunflower etc. with high smoking point

3 tablespoons corn flour

salt, preferably flakes (because they crunch too..)


  1. Wash sweet potatoes, keep skin on, and cut into chips or wedges
  2. Place onto lined baking pan, across 2 pans if making lots. Do not over pack tray
  3. Coat potatoes with oil
  4. Coat with corn flour, evenly
  5. Place into cold oven and select BakeOmatic Baked potatoes, medium brown or manually, preheat oven on hot air steam 230c (convection, full steam) and bake for 20 minutes, until brown on the edges
  6. Remove hot chips and sprinkle salt flakes

So little oil 🙂

Super delicious wedges

Super easy – first oil, then corn flour




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