If you have never made onion salt, you would be in for a sweet surprise. For one, onions cost very little. Second, it is soooo easy. Most importantly, the flavour of home made onion flakes will blow you away! While you can stop at making onion flakes to flavour your dishes, making onion salt will … Read more

Going to a pot luck party? When in doubt, bake some spiced maple nuts! Always a hit but this time, spice up the love.. Ingredients 1/2 cup maple syrup 1 tbsp vegetable oil 2 tsp ground ginger 1 tsp mixed spice 1 cup each of almond, pecan, cashew, pistachio and macadamia nuts 1 tsp each, … Read more

Before reaching out for any cleaners, start with a spray bottle of water and a microfiber cloth. There is a good reason why manufacturers choose glass for the oven door. Glass is the easiest material to clean! Tools Dry microfiber cloths* Spray bottle filled with tap water Method Spray surface Wipe with a dry microfiber … Read more

Ever read the ingredient list on your soy or (almond) milk pack? Surprisingly, the content of soy is negligible. Here is how you can easily whip up your home made soy milk. All you need is your combi steamer and a good blender, and of course, soy beans. Ingredients 1 cup soy beans 3 cups … Read more

A popular street food in Asia, Yam Cake is made with yam or more commonly known as Taro root.  A rich and savoury steam recipe served for breakfast or snacks. Ingredients 2 cups Yam/Taro root (fresh –  small 1cm cubes. Frozen mashed, 500g ok) 2 cups rice flour 4 pips garlic, 3 shallots chopped 2 … Read more

The hardest part of using a combisteam oven without sensors, is determining the volume of steam in each recipe. Steam, as we know it, is wet. Some call it ‘pure’ steam. We use steam in the combisteam oven in place of boiling on the stove. So, when we boil eggs on the stove, we steam … Read more

One size does not fit all. We are referring to settings across various ovens. Here are poached eggs cooked in 3 luxury ovens. Steamed at 75c for 17 minutes. The results came up different. We aim for the perfectly poached egg on the right. The take is, use settings as a guide. Experiment in your … Read more

Crazy because every loaf is a surprise, versatile as it takes on any ingredient and just simply, loads of fun! Antipasto braid is a starter to a meal. So go ahead and adapt the recipe with what you have in the fridge. Ingredient Bread 4 cups flour 1.5 cups water (room temperature) 1 tbsp caster … Read more

Very simply, fluffy. Ingredients Potatoes – whole, skin on, washed Method Spread potatoes on a baking tray Select BakeOmatic Baked Potatoes, Medium brown When ready, make a slit across the top of the potato and squeeze potato from below Voila. Witnessed how ‘fluffy’ looks like.. Notes – sure, season if you like. Coat skin with … Read more

Fresh breads are the best. Using any bread recipe, these fresh garlic knots are simply, addictive. Precursor to any dinner. Ingredients Bread dough for 1 loaf (premix or any bread recipe) Olive oil 1/4 cup ________ Toppings; Fresh Parsley & Basil chopped 1/4 cup Parmesan 1/2 cup Garlic 3 cloves minced Butter melted Salt (ideally … Read more