Ever needed Chic peas to add to your salad? And wondered why on earth would you go through the trouble of  prepping from scratch when you can easily pop open a can? Fresh crunch, of course! Ingredients Dried chic peas salt Method Soak chic peas overnight (use a large bowl/dish and ensure there’s at least … Read more

Ovens looking like this all the time? Sure can! Even if you were to use it for breakfast, lunch & dinner, 365 days, like I do. 8 years into combisteaming, and it sparkles still, ( if I choose to LoL).  OK, zoom in and traces of scratches are visible. This is typical of an impatient … Read more

Restaurant style crispy skin salmon at home? Absolutely! No need for salt No need for pepper No special technique or skills required.. Just Me, My Salmon and My combi steamer 😉 Ingredients Salmon steak fillets Method With skin side up, grill on preheated, Hot Air Steam 230c for 8-10 mins (8, if you like the … Read more

This is one of the tastiest muffin recipe ever. Made with healthy ingredients, moist and just delicious. This is the ‘New Black’ in Muffin. Oh did I mention.. super EASY in BOLD. Hell ya. Nothing on this site is ever hard to do anyway.. NO need for electric mixers! NO NO NO.. Nein.  Na. Non. … Read more

Scotch Egg made easy. Super Easy. Ingredients Sausage meat (Buy ready made or make your own using minced meat plus bread crumbs, salt, pepper, mustard and your favourite herbs and spices like chives, thyme and parsley) Meat from 1 sausage for every egg XL Eggs Egg mix (whip 3 eggs with 3 tbsps of water) … Read more

Here is a refreshing Malaysian salad dish with homemade garlic chilli sauce.   Ingredients Pre fried Tofu (get Malay fried tofu from the Asian grocery store) Shredded cucumber, carrots and bean sprouts Fresh chillies Garlic vinegar sugar salt   Method Tofu Slice Tofu diagonally in half Grill on Hot air steam 230c for 10 minutes, … Read more

What do you do with a bumper crop of fresh mangoes, which you can’t finish in one, two or three seatings? Dry them for some delicious, healthy, munchies, for any time to every time :). You know you have snacks made with nothing added and prepared hygienically. Justifies the time it takes to prepare this … Read more

FEARLESS because it is almost fail proof and you will procrastinate no more. I bet you won’t find an easier recipe.. Ingredients 1 can crushed pineapple (425g) Undrained Dried fruits; – Sultanas/cranberries 250g – Dates 125g – Cherries 125g – Apricot 125g (cubed, small) – 1/4 tsp bicarbonate soda 1 cup caster sugar 125g butter … Read more

On BakeOmatic; Souffle setting. No fuss over volume, temperature, time or water bath. Tastes like a cross between a standard cheesecake and Japanese cheesecake, light as a feather, and cookie dough provided a nice crunch in between the moist mousse texture. The objective was to test out the BakeOmatic Souffle function on a light cheesecake … Read more

Nothing tastes better than home-baked scones, fresh from the oven. Whilst you can follow recipes and differentiate American to English scones, fluffy or heavy, nothing comes close to the smells of a fresh baked tray of scones, from your very own oven. And if it doesn’t involve too much work, or ingredients, the better.. Use … Read more