Full Breakfast for 4 in 20 mins

A full breakfast for 4, in the combisteamer? Absolutely. Complete with poached eggs, baked beans, toast, marinated vegetables, bacon, sausages and hash browns. No frying pans, no oil and no stove 🙂


4 eggs, sausages, bacon, bread slices & hash browns

Handful cherry tomatoes or cubed tomatoes and mushrooms

A can of baked beans


Salt & pepper (S&P)

Olive oil

Feta cheese (optional)


  1. Use 3 lined baking trays
  2. Tray 1 : Sausages, hash browns
  3. Tray 2 : Marinated veggies (olive oil, parsley, S&P) & bacon
  4. Tray 3 : Bread slices & ramekins with baked beans & eggs (half fill each ramekin with baked beans, then crack an egg on top & feta)
  5. Preheat oven on hot air steam 230c (convection, full steam)
  6. Set 230c for 20 mins. Set timer at 10 mins. Insert tray 1. Press start.
  7. Buzzer rings, set timer at 4 mins. Insert tray 2
  8. Buzzer rings, insert tray 3
  9. Buzzer rings, yay, all done!

Plate and enjoy this sumptuous brekkie.

Need breakfast for more heads? As long as food fits onto tray with a gap in between, go for it!

Sharing a video by Felix Halter, brand ambassador of V-ZUG Australia showing you how easy it is. Felix lives in Sydney and provides boutique catering services for corporate and private events using the combisteamer. If you need catering services, mention combisteam cooking website or Nancy, for an extra special service https://www.felixhalter.com/

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