Fresh Cream Cheese Cinnamon Buns

The only way to eat a cinnamon bun is when it is freshly baked. There again, just super easy to make. 

Brioche Bread dough (go to recipe)

Brown sugar
Butter/margarine ( 1 tablespoon to every 4 cups sugar)
Ground cinnamon
Touch of Nutmeg
(If doing a larger quantity, use mixer with paddle attachment)

Cream cheese icing
Cream cheese
Butter/margarine (1 : 3 cream cheese)
Icing sugar (add till you get a spreadable, creamy paste)

Whip icing with a whisk until light and pretty. Ok fluffy too..

1. Rest the dough after mixing, for 10 mins.
2. Roll out a rectangle
3. Spread butter/margarine over rectangle
4. Spread filling evenly
5. Roll. Grip and roll a little dough at one end, and do the same across. Then repeat. Roll tight, pulling dough towards you to tighten.
6. Slice the log.
7. Bake with cut sides facing up. Hot air humid 170c, 15 mins (watch browning)
8. Spread cream cheese evenly while warm. Or wait a bit and pipe icing for a prettier finish..

Don’t forget to lick the cream cheese bowl.. hehe

Fresh cinammon buns just patiently waiting to be iced., ice ice baby..