Supermom Fruit roll-ups/fruit leather

Want to be the world’s most popular mom, dad, grandparent or aunt?

You need to make fruit roll ups/leather. Kids love it. Parents approve it. Because it is super easy, made with real fruits and most of all, you get to adjust the sugar content. And it is fool-proof, I kid you not.

Look out for fruits in peak season because the prices are at their lowest, you like to be kind and not waste. Besides, you need plenty ..

1 tray of strawberries (3.5 kg) or mangoes/passion fruits/guava etc
1-2 cups sugar (or any form of sweet.. honey etc)
1 Lemon (juice)

Method 1
1. Blend the ingredients
2. Reduce on the stove/oven until you get a thick paste (like pasta sauce) OR, skip step 2 but dehydrate at 60c for about 12 – 18 hours*
3. Spread over 3 lined baking trays
4. Dehydrate at 80c on Hot Air for 6 hours

You’ll be the coolest super mom/dad/auntie..

chia seeds give the extra crunch!

cut in strips with paper on

roll ’em up!

Extra notes:

*Duration varies, depending on the moisture content of the fruits. Feel the finished product. Remove from the pan and continue to dehydrate on a grill rack in the oven if needed. Don’t be tempted to increase the temperature to speed cooking time because the higher the temperature, the duller the colours would be.

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