Combi steam Kataifi prawns

Delicious, unique and easy to prepare canape, packed with a crispy coating of delicate noodles. Absolutely to die for ..


20 medium size fresh prawns, tail on

1 pack Kataifi** noodles

1/4c Cooking oil (canola/grapeseed/sunflower/vege)


  1. Leave Kataifi noodles out at room temperature for about an hour.
  2. Place Kataifi on an oven baking tray, mix noodles with cooking oil
  3. Pull about 6″ length Kataifi, gently roll them into long, semi loose* ropes and wrap Kataifi around the prawn (starting from the tail end)
  4. Grill the Kataifi prawns in a preheated oven on Hot Air Steam 230c (combi steam 230c + full steam) for about 10 mins until brown
  5. To serve, top with spiced mayo and herbs


*Not too tight ropes or the middle of the noodles won’t crisp

**Buy Kataifi from gourmet grocers. Regular supermarkets may not carry them

Make 6″ length semi-loose ‘ropes’ (photo from Antoniou website)
Wrap Kataifi around the prawn (photo from Antoniou website
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