Whatchamacallit Fresh, Home-baked scones

Nothing tastes better than home-baked scones, fresh from the oven. Whilst you can follow recipes and differentiate American to English scones, fluffy or heavy, nothing comes close to the smells of a fresh baked tray of scones, from your very own oven. And if it doesn’t involve too much work, or ingredients, the better..

Use the following guidelines to make your very own, whatchamacallit scone.

Self raising flour (2 cups..)
Butter about 50-80g (Grate! Don’t waste time.. Nah, no rubbing)
Milk – enough to form a workable dough (use whatever’s in your fridge, around 150 ml – pour half in, followed by a little at a time)
Eggs (1, 2 or 3..)
Salt (pinch. or 2)
Sugar (2 or 3 tablespoons..how sweet do you like them?)
Soda Bicarbonate (small pinch. It will help the scones rise, sort of, baking powder’s ‘steroid’)
Flavor (fresh Blueberries, cheese – parmesan is good, ..whatever.. think color.)

This is the important part.
BY hand;
1. In a bowl, bring the ingredients together with a spoon. Do not overmix. Rough, a little damp, still breaking apart dough is fine.
By machine;
Everything goes into the food processor. Add just enough liquid to end up with coarse crumbs
2. Place dough on a floured surface.
3. Flatten, Shape (don’t over work dough, remember..)
4. Bake in a preheated oven, on hot air humid 170c, 15 mins.

The point is, to get fresh, home baked snacks for breakfast or tea without stressing over prep or ingredients. Don’t worry about perfection.
What would you name yours?

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