Valentine Heart Cheese Puffs

More twists on puff pastry.. aww so sweet 🙂


Frozen Puff pastry sheets

Shredded cheese (Mozzarella & parmesan)

Optional ingredients (chopped onions/bacon bits/cut chillies/green pepper/smoked salmon..whatever sweetheart likes..)


  1. Thaw pastry sheets slightly. Brush with butter or just water
  2. Spread cheese and ingredients evenly
  3. Roll both ends to meet in the middle
  4. Slice.
  5. Pinch one end of each slice.
  6. Insert tray into a  COLD V-ZUG oven, select Professional bake, puff pastry, 210c for 20-25 mins (watch browning)
  7. In other ovens, bake in a pre heated oven for about 20 mins - watch browning (but first, apply a gently spray of water (use spray bottle) over pastries before placing pan into the oven). No steam.


Valentine puff 2
Valentine puff 3

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