Pretty Apricot Danish

Pretty little things bursting with flavors and textures..
Apricot Danish with ricotta cheese and almond

- 1/3 tub ricotta cheese
- 1 tablespoon almond meal
- 1 tablespoon brown sugar
- Almond flakes
- Apricot halves or peaches
2 sheets puff pastries
8 whole cherries

1. Mix ricotta cheese, almond meal and brown sugar. Best fill a piping bag for easy dispensing
2. Cut 4 squares on a puff pastry sheet
3. Slice patterns
4. Pipe center with filling, and top with apricot half
5. Fold pastry corners in and pinch. Top with cherry
9. Bake on BakeOmatic, fresh nibbles, Professional bake 210c for 29 mins
10.Sprinkle icing powder

danish 1
danish 2
danish 3
danish 4

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