Juicy Asian Dumpling with home-made wrap

So easy, I wondered why the procrastination. I meant, the pastry. 2 ingredients, that was all. Plus a pinch of salt. Store bought skins aren’t any where close in terms of texture, bite and taste.

Flour 600g
Boiliing water 440 ml
Pinch of salt

500g Minced meat (Pork or Chicken)
10 Prawns (cut in pieces, don’t mince)
Add some greens .. optional
1 celery stalk (cut in small pieces)
1 small carrot (grated)
Cabbage, if you like
Green onions
Sesame oil (2 tablespoons)
Light soy sauce
salt (or chilli salt)


This is the most exciting part !
1. Put flour and salt into a mixing bowl (ideally, use a mixer with dough hook)
2. Let mixer run at low speed while you pour boiling water in slowly.
3. Mix until dough comes together and appears smooth.
4. Form 2 giant bagel rings and let dough rest for 30 mins, covered with plastic wrap on the bench
5. Flour bench top. Cut bagel dough across, to form 2 strips. Then portion and round into balls
6. Flatten (not too thin) and fill dumplings with a small ice cream scoop.
7. Folding technique – best to watch youtube. Google ‘dumplings’ or use a perogy mould, or just seal the ends.

1. Steam on 2 lined baking pans 100c, 12 mins
2. Pan fry lightly, before serving, for that heavenly crunch. With oil or better still, Butter.. yumm

Amazing huh?

Ah and yes, dipping sauce : 4 tsp light soy sauce, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1 tsp rice vinegar and some chopped green onions. Throw in some birds eye chillies too 🙂

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