Combi steamer Easy Scotch Egg

Scotch Egg made easy. Super Easy.


Sausage meat (Buy ready made or make your own using minced meat plus bread crumbs, salt, pepper, mustard and your favourite herbs and spices like chives, thyme and parsley) Meat from 1 sausage for every egg

XL Eggs

Egg mix (whip 3 eggs with 3 tbsps of water)

Panko crumbs



  1. Poach eggs. Steam 75c for 19 mins*
  2. Remove eggs from the oven and let cool in an ice bath (totally necessary to stop yolk from cooking further)
  3. Crack poached eggs (yes, like cracking raw eggs) into small bowls, one in each bowl
  4. Get 3 bowls. 1 for flour, 1 for egg mix . 1 for panko crumbs
  5. Wet palms, and using an ice cream scoop, portion a full scoop of sausage meat and flatten in your palm
  6.  ‘Pour’ an egg onto the center of the sausage meat and seal gently (do not break yolk!)
  7. Dip sausage ball into flour
  8. Next, dip into egg mix
  9. Then, roll ball in a bowl of panko crumb
  10. Repeat 7- 8 to get double coating
  11. Bake in a preheated combi steamer on Hot air steam 230c for 10 mins OR until desired browning is achieved
  12. Serve/eat immediately

You’ll thank me for this setting 🙂 Saves you from the frustrations of peeling fragile eggs ..




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