Chilli Salt, home made

Homemade flavoured salt? You better believe it! Totally.
Bright, colourful salt – Julienne chilies (for red), peel rind from Lime (for green), lemon (for yellow), oranges (for orange 👀), julienne beet root (for purple).. and so on. Spread them in a single layer on all 4 trays in your oven. Use the grill rack as well. Place a silicone mat or baking paper over the rack.


  1. Use a peeler for lemons, oranges, grapefruits or julienne chillies, celery, celeriac, beet root etc.
  2. Spread evenly over 4 trays
  3. Use hot air 50 – 60c for 4 hours or more. When they feel crispy to the touch, they are ready! If not, flip them over (they will come off as sheets) and extend time. Overnight drying is best, because night power rates are cheaper and this will free your oven during the day
  4. Blend to achieve sand’s texture and then, add sea salt and blitz for less than a minute. Enjoy!