Western Cuisine

Self cooking in the sense, no baby sitting required. Nada. ‘Lock’ and leave Lamb stew. Tender, moist, cooked to perfection. Now a little story.. My family used to run a franchise restaurant in North America where we would cook gigantic pots of Irish beef stew. Timing, temperature and constant stirring were critical. To think I … Read more

Soft roasted beef fillet. Tender, juicy slices.. Flavor with salt and pepper, insert probe/thermometer and select #combisteam Soft Roasting. Medium. Finish by browning on frying pan. Remove fillet and add onion, garlic, wine & sugar. Simmer to reduce sauce … Pour over fillet before serving.. πŸ˜‡To die for ..

Crispy Crumbed Prawns. Aioli coated prawns dipped in a mix of Panko crumbs,Parmesan, salt & pepper and grilled on #combisteam Hot air steam 230c, 5 mins. Toast some baguette slices with basil pesto on the same tray. QUICK & super easy finger food. Grilled succulent prawns on crispy toast. Born to please.. Absolutely πŸ˜‰.

Any time, Easy Fettuccini Alfredo. Easiest ever. No pots & pans. No access water to drain. My daughter made this. Use a rectangular dish, long enough to hold the full length of pasta. Add enough water (or broth πŸ˜‰ to cover the pasta. #combisteam steam 30 mins. Remove dish from the oven, add sauce (ready-made … Read more

Risotto in the #combisteam oven? Absolutely! Chicken & sun-dried Tomato Risotto. Pan fry Chicken pieces & garlic. Add to a casserole dish of Arborio rice, white wine/stock (half and half) and stock (1:1:1). Add salt and pepper. Steam 25 mins. Add Parmesan, butter & sun dried tomatoes. Top with shredded Parmesan and Parmesan Crisp (a … Read more

Mini meat loaf. One of the easiest meal to prep. Minced beef + chopped tomatoes, celery, onion, etc (any chopped veggies in the fridge), egg, filler (Oats or breadcrumbs) + seasoning . #combisteam hot air steam 230c, 15 mins πŸ™‚ (500g minced beef makes 6 cute mini loaves πŸ˜‰

Parmesan Crisps. Pretty lacy crisps as toppings on your master pieces .. risotto, pasta bake, salads or simply, as snacks. Mounts of shredded Parmesan on #combisteam hotair steam, 5 mins. I kid you not. It is TO DIE FOR. Try it and you tell me πŸ˜‰

Chicken Pesto Pasta salad with sundried tomatoes. #combisteam Hot Air Steam chicken breasts on 230c for 12 mins. Cube them. Boil al dente salted pasta, drain. Add spinach to hot pasta, mix to wilt spinach a little. Then add semi dried tomatoes (including the olive oil & herbs they soaked in), halved cherry tomatoes and … Read more

Grilled Squid Rings in my #combisteam oven. Marinade Arrowhead squid rings with curry powder and salt. Grill on hot air steam 230c for 10 mins in a preheated oven. Easy, no mess .. NoπŸ…Olympic task but sure are winners, these rings..

So basic, yet so pretty & tasty. Did I say easy too? Evergreen Devilled Eggs never go out of fashion.. #combisteam steam eggs (any number, egg carton, all in!) at 100c for 12 – 14 mins. Cut in half and mash the yolks with mayo, salt & tiny bit of mustard. Use a Star tipped … Read more