Have you ever felt the urge for a piece of good old butter cake? Well I did. An easy recipe so you won’t need to worry about exact measurements. Ingredients 1 cup butter (use estimates, don’t bother measuring) 3/4 cup caster sugar 3 tbsp sour cream/greek yogurt/ricotta cheese/mayo (moist cake warranty) 3 – 5 eggs … Read more

In Asia, this breakfast staple is found in restaurants serving dim sim, neighbourhood coffee shops and street food vendors. An easy steam recipe using glutinous rice or sticky rice, and soy sauce chicken with a robust touch of dried shitake mushroom. High end restaurants serve them wrapped in dried lotus leaves while the rest of … Read more

Tender, crisp, unlimited (well, almost) bacon in the oven. No messy frying pan and oil splatters on the cook-top aftermath. Ingredients Streaky bacon Method Lay bacon, no overlaps, on a lined baking tray Bake in pre-heated oven, on hot air steam 230c or convection, full steam, for about 15 mins. Need lots? Multiple grilling absolutely … Read more

Ever read the ingredient list on your soy or (almond) milk pack? Surprisingly, the content of soy is negligible. Here is how you can easily whip up your home made soy milk. All you need is your combi steamer and a good blender, and of course, soy beans. Ingredients 1 cup soy beans 3 cups … Read more

A popular street food in Asia, Yam Cake is made with yam or more commonly known as Taro root.  A rich and savoury steam recipe served for breakfast or snacks. Ingredients 2 cups Yam/Taro root (fresh –  small 1cm cubes. Frozen mashed, 500g ok) 2 cups rice flour 4 pips garlic, 3 shallots chopped 2 … Read more

The only way to eat a cinnamon bun is when it is freshly baked. There again, just super easy to make.  IngredientsBrioche Bread dough (go to recipe) FillingBrown sugarButter/margarine ( 1 tablespoon to every 4 cups sugar)Ground cinnamonTouch of Nutmeg(If doing a larger quantity, use mixer with paddle attachment) Cream cheese icingCream cheeseButter/margarine (1 : … Read more

One size does not fit all. We are referring to settings across various ovens. Here are poached eggs cooked in 3 luxury ovens. Steamed at 75c for 17 minutes. The results came up different. We aim for the perfectly poached egg on the right. The take is, use settings as a guide. Experiment in your … Read more

A full breakfast for 4, in the combisteamer? Absolutely. Complete with poached eggs, baked beans, toast, marinated vegetables, bacon, sausages and hash browns. No frying pans, no oil and no stove 🙂 Ingredients 4 eggs, sausages, bacon, bread slices & hash browns Handful cherry tomatoes or cubed tomatoes and mushrooms A can of baked beans … Read more