So quick and easy. Goes with any dish. Healthy & delicious. Just look at the before and after colors! Antioxidant at its peak πŸ˜‰ Ingredients Assortment of veggies, cubed (sweet potatoes, egg plant, carrots, mushroom, zucchini etc) Olive oil Herbs (dried or fresh, thyme, parsley or rosemary) salt & pepper Method marinate well grill on … Read more

Go Japanese tonight! Without the oils and frying pan πŸ™‚ Ingredients Chicken Karaage (fried chicken) – Remember, marinate overnight! 2 pcs Chicken Maryland* (remove bone) 1 tsp each of Sake (or rice wine vinegar), Mirin, soy sauce pinch of pepper 1/4 cup corn starch Optional 1/4 tsp baking soda ————– Mash potatoes 5 peeled potatoes … Read more

Restaurant style crispy skin salmon at home? Absolutely! No need for salt No need for pepper No special technique or skills required.. Just Me, My Salmon and My combi steamer πŸ˜‰ Ingredients Salmon steak fillets Method With skin side up, grill on preheated, Hot Air Steam 230c for 8-10 mins (8, if you like the … Read more

Delicious, slow roasted Chinese BBQ pork (Char Siu) made in your combi steamer. The easiest recipe you’ll ever find. Ingredients Pork Shoulder Hoisin sauce 240g / smallΒ  jar (A sweet, thick marinate in a glass jar, from the Asian grocer) Pinch of salt Brown sugar optional Method Marinate pork shoulder with the whole jar of … Read more

Got dinner ready? Here’s Garlic bread to add, at the last minute.. (ok 6 mins ..) Ingredients Baguette (rustic/sour dough/wheat ..any good, heavy baguette or Turkish bread) Fresh chopped garlic Butter /Margarine/ Olive oil / any oils Parsley Salt Method Spread butter (or equivalent) over half sliced baguette Sprinkle finely chopped garlic Sprinkle salt and … Read more

Perfect rice every time. Fail proof. Dont believe me? Ask the dishes.. (says Lumiere..in Beauty & The Beast) Ingredients Coconut milk (Milk, not cream. Coconut cream needs to be diluted) Rice (Basmati or Jasmine. Medium grain would end up too sticky). Flavor – Pandan or screwpine leaves, Crushed Lemon grass, lime or lemon rind Double … Read more

Recipe for dummies.. opps, I meant mummies. Busy mummies.. ;] Ingredients Large potatoes Olive oil ________ Sour cream butter salt pepper chives Parmesan Method 1. Half the potatoes 2. Coat with olive oil 3. Lay on pan, skin side up 4. Bake on BakeOmatic, Baked potato, medium brown (Hot air humid 190c, 20 mins) __________ … Read more

Grilled in 15 minutes. No kidding. Now don’t tell me you don’t have ‘time’.. Ingredients Chicken breast Cheese – Taleggio/Gruyere/or any semi-firm strong cheeses with washed rinds Sage Prosciutto slices Salt & Pepper Method 1. Slice Chicken breast and stuff with cheese stick and sage wrapped in prosciutto 2. Secure with skewers (instead of tooth … Read more

An impressive centerpiece that will be unforgettabe.. delicious, healthy and fully edible πŸ˜‰ Super Keto friendly.. Ingredients Whole cauliflower 2 tbsp Butter 3 cloves minced Garlic Salt Method 1. Bake Caulifower on Hot air steam, 170c for 40 mins 2. Brown garlic in butter 3. Brush on garlic butter and sprinkle salt Upgrade 1. Using … Read more

Traditionally pan fried. You could easily mimic pan frying in the combi steam oven by using the hottest setting on hot air steam and coating the cutlets with a bit of oil. Ingredients 450g minced Salmon (or any fish) 2 table spoons Thai curry paste 1 cup of mashed potatoes (or thaw some frozen fries … Read more