Asian Cuisine

Go Chinese tonight! Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice. Tender, moist chicken served with chicken flavoured rice and steamed cabbage & a side of chicken soup.. all done in the combisteam oven. Find recipe at FB’s ‘combisteam cooking 😍’ public group. You won’t believe how easy it is! Truly authentic..

Sushi sushi sushi! There, I said it😊..Been procrastinating, that’s why. OMG. Sooo easy. #combisteam steam medium grain rice (1:1 water) for 30 mins. Add rice (or any) vinegar, salt & sugar. A touch of sesame oil, yes! Before you do the rice roll, sprinkle toasted sesame seeds & fried onion onto the Nori seaweed sheets … Read more

Tender, moist steamed chicken. Rub salt and add ginger slices (or garlic) for flavour. #combisteam Steam 100c 50 mins. See the sauce? Use it to cook flavoured rice, or as broth (base) for soup. Debone chicken and add bones to 💪🏻 the soup.. and, Yes, you CAN cook!

Braised pork belly aka ‘CharSiu’. #combisteam hot air humid 150c for 2-3 hours. Traditional recipes call for lean fillet. Pork belly adds interesting textures and definitely tastier. Slow cooked in broth (enough to cover meat). The main seasoning includes dark soy sauce, sugar/honey, soy sauce and a little vinegar/rice wine. Throw in some unpeeled garlic. … Read more

Thai Chicken croissants. Share some with friends & family today. Cut puff pastry into triangles & fill with a mix of mince chicken, fresh chopped coriander, bread crumbs, minced garlic & ginger & Thai curry paste. Roll ’em up! Bake on #combisteam Professional Bake 205c for 27 mins. Or, BakeOmatic fresh nibbles.

Pulled pork in Chinese buns. Marinate meat and slow cook on #combisteam hot air humid 130c between 4-8 hours. Excellent Party food.. Cook ahead of time, refrigerate and just before assembling the sandwich, spread meat evenly across a baking pan and RegenerateOmatic Crispy or manually, Regenerate 200c for about 9-12 mins. Assemble with Kewpie (Japanese … Read more

Dumplings. #combisteam Steam 100c frozen dumplings for 12 minutes. Then pan fry lightly with butter and oil mixture. Getting the cooking method right is EVERYTHING..