Asian Cuisine

Indian cooking is healthy. Flavors derive from veggies and spices. Plenty spices 😉 Masala Dosai (savoury crepe) #combisteam Steam cubed potatoes 30 mins. Dosai crepe done on induction cooktop.

Ever thought chinese buns an impossble feat? Well, say no more .. Bake them plain or filled. Either way, they are so easy, when you have a combisteamer .. Ingredients – dough 4 cups plain flour (or better still, ‘super fine flour’ or specialty ‘pau’ flour from asian grocers – it’s all about the finer … Read more

Beef Rendang, peanut sauce and rice cubes..#combisteam Beef curry stew on BakeOmatic Braise. Steam Rice & water (ratio 1:2) with a pinch of salt for 30 mins. Mannually compress rice while warm, allow to cool down and then refrigerate.Best done a day before. Damp knife before cutting.

Easy Oriental Soy Sauce fried rice. #combisteam Steam rice (rice:water = 1:1) for 30 minutes. Pan fry rice on induction cooktop with garlic, asparagus, scrambled eggs and soy sauce. That’s it! Top off with crispy pan fried anchovies (from Asian grocers).. To complete the Oriental theme, serve in small bowls with chopsticks and green tea … Read more

Panko crumbed sweet chilli Tofu. Met my vegan nephew, Johann, from the North Hemisphere and this is his fav. Cut tofu dipped in sweet chili sauce and roll on Panko crumbs. #combisteam Hot Air steam 230c, 10 mins. Flimsy tofu becomes easy to handle.. And what a great side to my fresh Crimson Snapper with … Read more

Braised pork belly with crackling. Many ways of cooking this but the easiest would be first, to #combisteam BakeOmatic Braise, (slow cook) choose well brown. Next, Hot Air Steam 230c for 20-30. Season pork belly (choose thinner skinned, good quality belly) with your choice of seasoning. I went Japanese, with Mirin (sweet Japanese sauce), light … Read more

Easy egg sauce tofu on rice. #combisteam steam rice (1:1 rice:water) for 30 mins. Set timer for 25. Add casserole dish, layered with Veggies (any veggie; try Bok Choy, Cabbage or whole lettuce leaves), sliced Tofu & prawns. In the meantime, make the egg sauce on the stove (fry garlic, thicken with corn starch, flavour … Read more

Korean Bibimbap Rice Bowl. A most colourful meal ever! And you know what they say about colours.. healthy, high in antioxidant.. Marinated veggies are lightly #combisteam steamed for 5 mins. And medium grain rice 1:1 rice:water) steamed 100c for 30 mins. Add a quick, stir fry marinated chicken strips & sunny side-up egg for protein. … Read more

Braised soy sauce chicken wings. Marinate wings with dark & light soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, sugar, salt and minced garlic. #combisteam Bakeomatic Braise, medium brown. Add a quarter cup stock/water if sauce is required – especially when serving on rice or noodles 🙂 Or, buy marinated wings and Bakeomatic Braise! Sooooooo easy 👌🏻

A south east Asian traditional dessert made with 9 layers of batter, gently steamed in the combi steam oven. There are a plethora of recipes online, mostly handed down through the generations, combining colourful varieties with amazing flavours. #Combisteam 100c steam, 4 mins for each layer. Finish off with 80c steam, for a further 15 … Read more