Absolute Beginners

Apple tarts in puff pastry. Professional bake function, 210c for 25 mins. Imagine, one sheet of puff pastry makes 9 mini tarts.. These Amazing Apple tarts are crunchy on the outside and just super flaky without being dry

Toasted sandwiches. In 5 minutes flat. Yup. Feed one. Or ten. Toasted to perfection every time. A great way of using leftover meats from last night’s dinner. Top them up with cheese, then grill on Hot Air Steam, maximum temperature, (230c) in a pre-heated #combisteam oven.. In 5 minutes, you (and friends and family) get … Read more

Kale chips turned snacking simply tasty & healthy. No veggie taste ! Marinate with oil and salt. Spread kale out evenly. Bake on all 4 levels. #combisteam hot air 90c for 1.5 hrs. Higher temperatures for shorter times are quicker but chips will appear a bit dull/brown. Still tastes good 🙂

Braised lamb. Lamb slow roasted in red wine, herbs and spices. #combisteam hot air humid 180c for an hour. Then, loosely covered with foil, at 140c for 5 hours. Served with couscous, steamed veggies and a dollop of Greek yogurt. Meat that falls off the bone? Yes, that is it.. Thanks Felix!