Crispy baked ice-cream in the combi steam oven

This site has been created for you, by me, a humble fan of the combi steam oven. Also, a very fortunate home economist trained in combi steam cooking, as well as someone who truly enjoy simplifying the cooking process and bringing the tastes of the world into our homes.

Having worked in the retail food industry for almost 3 decades, and still do; I learnt that a recipe can be simplified and produced efficiently at home. I believe in serving delicious, home cooked food without having to slave in the kitchen, like our fore parents. My Asian roots gave me an appreciation for spice infused dishes, and having lived in 3 continents for more than half my life, made savouring authentic cuisines of the world, oh so possible, in my very own backyard. You will enjoy recipes which truly work, and ones which we use on a daily basis; but more importantly, recipes which you can build from, and make them your very own. That’s what ‘home cooking’ is all about.

I would have met my objective, if you, as a new user, are able to whip something basic without stressing, and ultimately, understand the capabilities of the amazing combi steam oven.

From hereon, the world is your canvas. Or plate.

by Nancy Cheong